Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Roger Gale the proper politician

Yesterday Roger Gale issued a press release, criticising the BBC's position over banning the Gaza appeal, suggesting quite rightly that it was another appalling error of judgment.

As an observer of local politics, I find that Roger Gale, is principled enough to say what he thinks from time and time, which is a rare thing these days.
The BBC's decision not to screen the Gaza appeal, is scandalous, the BBC's argument that the public cannot distinguish between politics and humanitarian needs of innocent civilians caught up in war is completely bogus.

Those who live in the North of Thanet, have the good fortune to be represented by someone who is a credit to the area, particularly noticeable in the week that the Sunday Times reveals you can acquire a Labour peer for £24,000.


  1. Any idea how much an MP would cost?

  2. £25,000 in Thanet my old China

  3. I disagree with you. I think Gale is an awful MP. He is a right-wing reactionary, who refuses to accept any sense of accountability to the local electorate. His views on most social issues are outdated. Plus he employs his wife at our expense. Nice little gravy train they're on.