Saturday, 24 January 2009

Ladyman's gets involved in job cuts

How reassuring that local MP Steven Ladyman is getting himself immersed in the local jobs situation, talking with managers at Pfizer and contacting Pam Alexander head of super quango South East Development Agency.

Worthy as all this is, he might consider, what Labour have done to protect workers, and of course the answer is Jack.

Even worse this Labour government have gone out of their way to retain Britain's opt out of the working time directive, ensuring that employers can maintain sweatshop conditions for the UK's workforce.

Labour side with that old chestnut "a flexible workforce" of employers groups like the CBI etc, which in practice means, in a global economy, companies which are global dump staff where its easy and cheap to do so, me I've seen it and got the P45

Of course despite "jobs for Brits" claims by Fat Cat Labour politicians you can rest assured that nothing will be done any time soon about cheap foreign workers.

Still at least we dont need to worry about Ladyman apart from being MP for Thanet South he also has his partime sales job and a fat pension soon.

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