Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Crikey, its not half term is it?

Just as I summon up the courage to start me own blog, other things take priority, only last week I was taking a cheap pop at another local blogger, in receipt of the P45.

Today it was my turn to nip into the Jobcentre, enroute I notice clouds of smoke, what a choice go back get me camera ( a few pics for the blog), or continue to go and collect 60 quid less tax.

Not sure how anyone is expected to get by on a bit of pocket money, still I suppose things are bit better than they were last time I found myself in this situation, at least I'm stake holder in one or two banks, though I must say I'm a bit disappointed that RBS aren't a bit more polite what with me and you since we now own 75%, screw last months card payment , get a sense of proportion you B*st*rds.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Roger Gale the proper politician

Yesterday Roger Gale issued a press release, criticising the BBC's position over banning the Gaza appeal, suggesting quite rightly that it was another appalling error of judgment.

As an observer of local politics, I find that Roger Gale, is principled enough to say what he thinks from time and time, which is a rare thing these days.
The BBC's decision not to screen the Gaza appeal, is scandalous, the BBC's argument that the public cannot distinguish between politics and humanitarian needs of innocent civilians caught up in war is completely bogus.

Those who live in the North of Thanet, have the good fortune to be represented by someone who is a credit to the area, particularly noticeable in the week that the Sunday Times reveals you can acquire a Labour peer for £24,000.

Monday, 26 January 2009


According to Kent on Sunday, Nick Chard, KCC Finance cabinet member, still finds Butlers the financial advisers, who failed to warn KCC about its fifty million pound Icelandic Banks disaster, " very helpful".

Butler's failed to warn Kent County council, of Iceland's banking crisis, so it's surprising that councilor Chard reveals that KCC are still in regular contact with them, " because it is useful to know what credit ratings agencies say" (it seems to me, it would be handy, to know what they're not telling you).

I don't know about you, but had I lost £50.00 on a horse, I'd be inclined to take advice elsewhere, still I am sure that Kent Council, know what they're doing since they're always promoting the fact that they are a four star council, whatever the hell that means.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Ladyman's gets involved in job cuts

How reassuring that local MP Steven Ladyman is getting himself immersed in the local jobs situation, talking with managers at Pfizer and contacting Pam Alexander head of super quango South East Development Agency.

Worthy as all this is, he might consider, what Labour have done to protect workers, and of course the answer is Jack.

Even worse this Labour government have gone out of their way to retain Britain's opt out of the working time directive, ensuring that employers can maintain sweatshop conditions for the UK's workforce.

Labour side with that old chestnut "a flexible workforce" of employers groups like the CBI etc, which in practice means, in a global economy, companies which are global dump staff where its easy and cheap to do so, me I've seen it and got the P45

Of course despite "jobs for Brits" claims by Fat Cat Labour politicians you can rest assured that nothing will be done any time soon about cheap foreign workers.

Still at least we dont need to worry about Ladyman apart from being MP for Thanet South he also has his partime sales job and a fat pension soon.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Pickins for all !

Ramsgate yesterday was awash with driftwood, old people and copper's apparently tossing it off, as they attempted to stop Thanetonians from cleaning up beaches for free.

Its amazing how the establishment mind always sides with business even when a Russian ship allows hundreds of tons of timber, to pollute the English channel, but deters those who would clean beaches up for free.

One reveling aspect of all this must be the huge numbers of Thanet residents, whose lives are so dull (me included) that the sight of wood yes, planks of wood, makes us stand on the Eastcliff just for a good old butchers.

Just whether it was necessary to drag so many coppers, away from a warm office and canteen is I suppose a matter of judgement which I'm not qualified to make, still it must have been a field day for East Kent criminals as Kent Police, throw everything they'd got at the situation including a few PCSO although one notetable absence must have been Kent Constabulary's Dreadnought class police patrol boat (Princess Alexandra III), launched last May but since only seen in these parts at last years Big Event in Margate, where no doubt senior officers kept a close eye on the clifftop crowds and not on the airshow immediately above.

I hope Kent police will be submitting a hefty bill to the insurance company for all this policing and not taking it out of the taxpayer.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Tough Times for Labour

As the economy is on its knees its time to reform our Jobcentres, I read with some sympathy the plight of Cllr. Mike Harrison finding himself on the scrap heap, and hope the political activist communicates the state of the State's employment services to Labours local MP.

Here is what I found a while back at my local Jobcentre, a grisly mix of yobs and recently arrived EC citizens keen to find employment, herded about large security personnel who liked to involve themselves in "customers " business by leaning in toward private conversations.

Still I doubt Ladyman will be that interested himself, as he is already planning for the day his bottoms kicked out of office by Laura Sandys by taking a second job as a salesman.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

A Letter of Introduction

Thoought I'd add to the local bloging community, not sure where to start this is just a little test to see how things work.

I'll be prowling around after a spot of dinner, frankly its a bit nippy out.

Now Ive got here I can't think what I was going to say.