Friday, 23 January 2009

Pickins for all !

Ramsgate yesterday was awash with driftwood, old people and copper's apparently tossing it off, as they attempted to stop Thanetonians from cleaning up beaches for free.

Its amazing how the establishment mind always sides with business even when a Russian ship allows hundreds of tons of timber, to pollute the English channel, but deters those who would clean beaches up for free.

One reveling aspect of all this must be the huge numbers of Thanet residents, whose lives are so dull (me included) that the sight of wood yes, planks of wood, makes us stand on the Eastcliff just for a good old butchers.

Just whether it was necessary to drag so many coppers, away from a warm office and canteen is I suppose a matter of judgement which I'm not qualified to make, still it must have been a field day for East Kent criminals as Kent Police, throw everything they'd got at the situation including a few PCSO although one notetable absence must have been Kent Constabulary's Dreadnought class police patrol boat (Princess Alexandra III), launched last May but since only seen in these parts at last years Big Event in Margate, where no doubt senior officers kept a close eye on the clifftop crowds and not on the airshow immediately above.

I hope Kent police will be submitting a hefty bill to the insurance company for all this policing and not taking it out of the taxpayer.

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  1. Good photos One Eyed Bob !
    Whole heartedly agree with you, the taxpayer should not bear the costs of this. The insurer would have to pay out if it was an oil slick that needed cleaning up, so just because it's boring old wood, there shouldn't be a difference, Kent should be compensated in full for the man hours used. It's ridiculous anyway that so many Police officers are employed on this matter.