Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Crikey, its not half term is it?

Just as I summon up the courage to start me own blog, other things take priority, only last week I was taking a cheap pop at another local blogger, in receipt of the P45.

Today it was my turn to nip into the Jobcentre, enroute I notice clouds of smoke, what a choice go back get me camera ( a few pics for the blog), or continue to go and collect 60 quid less tax.

Not sure how anyone is expected to get by on a bit of pocket money, still I suppose things are bit better than they were last time I found myself in this situation, at least I'm stake holder in one or two banks, though I must say I'm a bit disappointed that RBS aren't a bit more polite what with me and you since we now own 75%, screw last months card payment , get a sense of proportion you B*st*rds.

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