Thursday, 5 February 2009

Kent Labour Politics on Local TV

What with all this controversy over local internet TV, it seems that local Labour activists, have taken the first step in producing internet TV content, without any attempt to hide their political aspirations and agenda.

Whats even more shocking is that their backing goes all the way to the top, indeed their "Kent Labour TV" page currently has a contribution from Gordon Brown the blooming Prime Minister, who has the cheek to talk openly about engageing with people, through Labour's Youtube channel.

The only good thing about this, as far as I can tell, is its not costing me a penny, and of course they are fully entitled to express the views of the Labour party, in an open and above board manner.

Its not know whether Kents Conservative's are considering a similar internet presence.

So if you want to know what those blighters in Labour are up to click here

Monday, 2 February 2009

Mandelson man of the people defends British workers?

In the jobs for Brits row Peter Mandelson, has spoken out to tell you the British that the law is not being broken.

Well that's a relief and lets not forget Mr Mandelson is a man to be listened too, since only last year he decided to remove himself, and his not inconsiderable snout from Brussels and save the country.

Obviously its quite lawful for European workers to be employed, in this country, and lets not forget these foreign contractors advertise their jobs quite openly in Italy, Portugal, Poland etc you can hardly blame them if British workers are too lazy to trawl through Europe in search of jobs on their doorstep.

When Gordon Brown said British Jobs for British people, clearly the press didn't go on to report the bit about them being advertised in the backwaters of Eastern Europe.

Clearly stories from construction workers and the like of losing their jobs to any old foreigner so long as he is cheap are groundless, anyway I'm off to see if I can get a job a Fannit Erff.

Maybe Mandelsom and some fellow Labour Fat Cats would like to read this story picked at random from the Daily Star( there are many similar).

At the risk of getting arrested I would like a job before another Albanian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Pole, Italian or any other foreigner in my own country.