Tuesday, 13 March 2012


I hav been out of it 3 years I'm coming to terms, but nothinng has pre paired me 4 this, the govenment is run by Conservative helped by Liberals WHAT? I no ive bean nocked about a bit but what and this morning I hear police are arresting journolists - even Mrs Thatcher didnt stoop that low blimey! 

Blimey is that Rebekah she works for aussie rupert ( a bit of a chancer if you ask me)and Ned  I no he used to work for the Met - its the accident I'm not rite   Muddled i must be

Doctors not Sure

When are they.  

Ive bbeen comming to for a few weeks, I don't really need a doc to tell me im in a bad place, then nurse flashed an ex ray in front of me today, all the stuffings been nocked out o me.

Due to injuries my cerebral functions are cocked up, I may make improvements or not also any improvements could be nocked bac by age related doolally ness

The prognosis is not good, in the meantime, I need sleep


  1. Im a bit woosy Michael, not every fings in focus, I am still reeling a bit, hows Ned mixed up in all this, I no he use t to work for the met